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The year is 1410, Transmission Era.

Humanity has prospered thanks to instant transmission technology, and forgotten much of what preceded them. Wide-spread nanite use has given humans superior physical capabilities, and what was once considered "augmented" is now the norm. The thrill of combat is the top sport across the globe, and advances in nanite technology have continued to push fighters beyond their limit.Humans now compete on even footing with their own creations - and often fight more fiercely.

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It's time to blitz through the competition.

Dash Blitz is a fighting game based on classic run-and-gun platformers. The action brings players head-to-head at breakneck speed.

Combine lightning speed with perfect air control for a truly fast and fun movement system unlike any other.

Currently in development. Available via Steam Early Access.

  • Simple controls and accessible attack-cancels make for a game that's easy to learn, but hard to master. Enjoy the freedom!

  • Play as a large variety of original characters with a range of unique abilities!

  • Let your imagination run wild with items and stages, or keep it simple and focus on your combos! May the best fighter win!



Complete freedom of movement.

Dash Blitz is all about moving where you want, as fast as you can. It's easy to get started, but can you master the Transmission Era's fastest?

  • Scale the walls with rapid jumps! Dash under obstacles with lightning speed!

  • Don't let them get away - even in the middle of a midair vault, you maintain total control over your movement. Perfect for spacing out aerials!

  • No endlag, no worries! Virtually every attack can be cancelled. Just dash, jump or land, and you'll drop the attack and get back in motion immediately!

  • Never crumble under pressure - successfully blocking any attack lets you Blitz, making you invulnerable and giving you the chance to turn the tables! For a true contender, every attack is a window of opportunity.












A simple man with few weaknesses

#1's an athletic all-rounder type. Simple, effective and unpretentious, it's plain to see what makes him the face of Dash Blitz.

His titanium bat packs plenty of power, and while his projectiles are straight-forward, he pitches them with guts. He can even smash projectiles out of the park!



A fleet-footed ninja for hire

Edge is a sinister ninja clad head-to-toe in a black cybersuit. His suit allows him to fly through the air and attack from any angle, making him Dash Blitz's most agile fighter by a long shot.

Though Edge's kunai aren't strong, they're more effective than any other rapid-fire attack, and help to pin down foes as he jets in for the kill.



A teleporting ally of justice

Wherever evil lurks, the Nomad appears! This mysterious hero travels the world, righting wrongs with his homebrand vigilante justice.Although he can't dash, his one-of-a-kind teleporting augments allow him to jump around the battlefield in a flash! In between that and his jury-rigged explosives, Nomad's one of the trickiest fighters to enter the ring.



A roughneck full of hot air

Bluster claims he's for the environment, but it seems more like posturing for the ladies...

He's extremely mobile with his air-powered augments, hovering and double-jumping with ease. But his heavy hits lack substance, and what looks like an earth-shaking blow always seems to fizzle out when blocked.



The strongest wrestler

Years ago, Arrhic was a national champion and a global sensation. Arrhic holds barely any augments, relying on his own strength - whether he's hurling javelins or victims.

Nobody wrestles like Arrhic. He rushes into the fray when he grabs, then hoists his target up overhead and carries them as he pleases.

Even if you escape his grab, there's no escaping the pain. Arrhic's still got javelins, a longbow, a giant greatsword, and where all else fails, a dropkick that can break boulders.



A long-ranged lab assistant

The other face of Dash Blitz, Rondo's a specialist in long-ranged firepower. His kinetic blasts are simple, but effective. And every time he fires off a charged shot, he keeps another in reserve.

Rondo's weak in the fray, but his light attacks help him set up devastating blast combos. And if you attack him carelessly, you'll have his parry to contend with.



A cold-hearted killing machine

Valerie keeps her interactions to the minimum required in any given setting. She doesn't seek out friends, and keeps all her replies terse.

As a war machine, Valerie's weapon and propulsion systems are top-class. She can fly through the air and rain lasers down from above. Not only that, her lasers ricochet off of solid surfaces, allowing her to pin down any foe.



An animatronic enigma

Manny's high-class AI was wasted on children's entertainment, and he desperately sought his freedom - no matter the bloodshed.

Nowadays Manny's a weapons tester, harnessing his innate brutality to test all manner of tricky projectiles. His multi-hitting chainsaw, though, is a hard-won memento of his escape.

Manny's agile as a mandrill, too - he can clamber around on any roof, all the while hurling gadgets from above.




A heavy-duty hiking robot

Sherpa is a large, outdated industrial robot in the shape of a cube, making him Dash Blitz's biggest, heaviest fighter. He's several generations out of production, but he's never let that stop him before.

The top of Sherpa's head is so flat and his body so stable that he can support other objects, and even people. Functionally, he acts as a moving platform.



A carefree weather balloon

Puffin's personality was designed to love her job, but she tends to... drift off. After drifting into the qualifiers, her light-weight construction kept her on top of the competition.

Puffin's slow and floaty, but she can jump multiple times in midair. The ice she fires covers the stage in slick terrain, and for anyone who gets close, her fan-blade is surprisingly quick.



A mobile frog with bouncing bubbles

Kero used to be a regular frog, but human polliution mutated her. Ironically, her porous skin became a supercharged water filter.

Rather than dash, Kero hops around the field and over obstacles. Her bubbles can quickly fill the arena, and she can lash up any projectiles she cares to with her oversized tongue.



A knight from a bygone era

Percival claims to be a knight, but he also says he's researching his past... so how does he know he's a knight?

His martial prowess is no joke, though. As if having the strongest shield in the game wasn't good enough, he can even use it in midair - or throw it at his foes like a boomerang!