X-Joy Games
Crossing paths
Crossing joy
X-Joy Games (pronounced Cross-Joy Games) is an independent games studio, if you want to put a label on it, run by Melbourne-born developer Michael Panagiotidis.
The mission is fun. Just putting fun games in players' hands and letting them have fun as soon as possible. No nickle-and-diming, and definitely no wasting your time.
Games have the power to cross horizons, bridging gaps between people and places, through the shared belief in really fun stuff. And that's the kind of crossing that X-Joy is all about.
Featured Project
Maggie Magnet
A simple platformer about a magnet trying to save her sister from a magician's pocket-sized world. Use your magnetic abilities to push and pull your way through a variety of levels.
Features a level editor and a simple text-based loader for custom levels.