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Crossing paths, crossing joy



The year is 1410, Transmission Era.

Humanity has prospered thanks to instant transmission technology, and forgotten much of what preceded them. Wide-spread nanite use has given humans superior physical capabilities, and what was once considered "augmented" is now the norm. The thrill of combat is the top sport across the globe, and advances in nanite technology have continued to push fighters beyond their limit. Humans now compete on even footing with their own creations - and often fight more fiercely.

Dash Transit Solutions, the top dog in transmission networks, are sponsoring the DTS Grand Prix - the first international fighting tournament the Transmission Era has ever seen.

They're offering a mountain of credits, international glory, and the chance to demo an advanced AI, Vizier, which they claim can answer any question.

20 fighters will claw their way through the qualifiers and board the DTS Satellite for the greatest contest of their life. Each of them chases riches, glory, something less savoury… or answers.





It's time to blitz through the competition.

Dash Blitz is an action game reminiscent of classic platformers, played head-to-head at breakneck speed.

Combine lightning speed with perfect air control, for a truly fast and fun movement system unlike any other.

Currently in development. The final game will feature:

  • Play as a large variety of original characters, with 20 unique fighters, including robots, androids and freakish anomalies!

  • Do battle with up to three friends on an interplanetary scale!

  • Play through hours of single-player content with multiple boss fights, as each character tries to win the DTS Grand Prix!

  • Let your imagination run wild with a host of items, or keep it simple and focus on your combos! May the best fighter win!

  • A simple five-button layout allows anyone to pick up and play, and the intense speed is ideal for competitive combos!




Try it now!

The most current free demo is available here, as well as on Steam. You can also buy the Steam Early Access version, which includes all currently available playable characters!




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